Curse Breakers, Peace Makers – Book 1

Talking to the spirit of a dead Apache Scout? You could possibly be crazy. Going on a mission for the Faerie Queene to steal the Stone of Destiny from the mermen pirates known as The Blue Men of Minch? You have lost your sanity as well as all regard for reason and reality.

When Penelope helped the ghost of a dead Apache Scout she realized she had good reason to doubt her senses. She didn’t think it could get much worse. However, it did, and rather quickly at that. Her trip to Scotland with her father turned into a disaster when she found herself at odds with a notorious band of mermen pirates known as The Blue Men of Minch. Luckily, she found herself at the center of an unlikely group of heroes that included the Faerie Queene, an invisible hound from hell, and the outlaw werewolves locally known as Wulvers. Penelope’s Scottish adventure had made it apparent that she longer had any reason to doubt her sanity. She had completely lost her mind.

If you are wondering what a Chiracauha hunting guide, a Southwestern archeologist, an English anthropologist, an Eton school boy, a Scottish museum director with spectacular mustachios, cursed mermen pirates, the Faerie Queene, an invisible hound from hell, werewolves (wulvers), a golfing ghost, the battle of Bannock Burn, a Pict king trapped in a cave, a rhyming contest, the Lady of the Lake, clipper ships, Viking Jarls, Norse gods, the Loch Ness monster and the future King of England have to do with the Stone of Destiny and a well grounded, practical, sensible girl who believes she may be losing her mind…and if, perhaps, you are not very practical, sensible or even in the strictest sense of the word, sane. You’ve come to the right place, this book was written just for you!

mischief, mayhem, the blue men of minch


Note from the author: If you enjoy the type of nonsense that you might find in a book by Christopher Moore or Terry Pratchett, if you are looking for something family friendly and occasionally find yourself nostalgic for books like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, if you have ever read a book by Thorne Smith – then it is possible that you might enjoy the adventures of Penelope and Bartholemues in “Mischief, Mayhem, The Blue Men of Minch”. When I write I try to follow this mantra “Cheer a little, Laugh a little, Learn a little.” If you can root for my heroes, if I can bring an occasional smile to your face and if you leave with a little more knowledge about people, places, culture and history then I will be deeply gratified.